Get that flawless skin you always dream of with this “one miracle product’’- How many times we have fallen prey to such extravagant claims and end up buying that one cream or face mask in hopes of getting that flawless skin. Getting the skin you dream of is all about getting the right products, how you use your skincare products and how you take care of your overall health. Here are seven steps you must follow in order to achieve a healthy and flawless skin.


  1. Use skincare products that have multiple botanical extracts and active ingredients.
  2. Make a skin care routine and follow it consistently. Your routine must include CTM twice a day and exfoliation and face pack once a week.
  3. Stop hanging onto cosmetics or skincare products for more than a year. Take note of the expiration date, which should be listed on the package.beauty_products_for_women
  4. Get a facial by a licensed aesthetician at least once every season. They’ll do any necessary extractions and exfoliation in the correct way and a facial will rejuvenate your skin.
  5. Make sure you’re eating plenty of dark-colored fruits and vegetables—all are high in antioxidants, which are great for the skin. Also, make sure that omega 3s (e.g., fish, whole grains) are part of your food selections since they make a big difference for your complexion too.healthy_diet_essentials_for_skin
  6. A regular workout routine will boost your metabolism and help in deep cleansing and detoxification.
  7. Get professional guidance for your skincare routine. The products we use has a great effect on our skin, therefore it’s best to ask an expert about what product you should use, but it can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Good new is you can get expert-selected products in just a few clicks with “Globox”.  To know more visit