Many women have a hard time with cosmetics because they just follow what is said.  But we’re all different. What works for one woman may not work for another.

The key to making-up successfully is to understand how to enhance your features using the best cosmetic formulations. Makeup applied with a sensitive touch should create a subtle emphasis, rather a mask distinguishing the features.

For perfect make-up, you need to get the basics on point!


Change your makeup with time

It is good to hide your age from others but not from yourself. Make-up that suited you when you were 25 will not suit you 10 years down the line. Your age brings changes in skin tone and texture, thus requires different make-up. The right makeup can take years off your face!


Know What You Buy

Products know how is a must-must. We need to choose carefully from the vast array of products to create a look that’s made-to-measure for our own features. Simply buying the most expensive product is no guarantee of success.


Reassess Your features

Study your face when you are wearing your usual make-up and ask yourself what your make does for you: does it widen or narrow your eyes, enhance the shape of your face, make you look fair or dark?


Say Goodbye To Your Old Cosmetics

Carefully check your makeup drawer and see how old are your cosmetics? Six months, or year or more?

If your cosmetics are more than a year old, it is time to wipe them off your drawer.


Brush Up Your Techniques

A wise man once said, Practice makes a man perfect! So don’t just read but actually try your hand on different tips and tricks to make the most of yourself.

Try this out next time you begin with your makeup and see the change!!