School time gave us the habit of preparing school bag every day but our college life is very different from school so as its bag and things in it. I know we all are very excited for entering into our college life but no one wants to waste time and money picking up wrong stuff. This list will help you to prepare yourself for college without any confusion.



I remember when I started going to college I had to buy a new bag every month. A small one with cute patterns on it but no space for my notebooks, then a big one which was hard to carry and very difficult to find stuff in it, then I get my perfect bag with enough space for my books and other stuff, easy to carry around all time. Not too small not too big, medium size bag is perfect.



Bio Bloom Sunscreen

Sunscreen is very important especially for college girls who are always under sun exposure. You don’t want to get tanned in very starting off your college life. Carry your sunscreen in your bag and apply it in every 2-3 hours. Try  Bio Bloom Sunscreen with natural ingredients.

Face Wash



If you attend classes or explore the city with friends, always carry a facewash in your bag so whenever you have a dull face, use face wash and maintain that fresh, energetic and glowing face. It’s very important to remove dirt in every 2-3 hours or at least once in a day whenever you are out.  Go for Lemon extract face wash from Rustic Art.

BB Cream



After Facewash your face will again start looking dull in some time, that’s why BB cream is very important. Carry BB cream which is according to your skin tone with moisturizing, anti-aging, SPF properties. It will blend easily and provide the perfect glow on your face. I recommend LA Girl BB cream for all you girls out there.

Lip balm

You are too old for lip gloss or too young for lipstick and there is no need to leave your lips without any partner, try some colored lip balm. Lip balm gives soft, smooth and moisturized look to your lips and you can pick a color of your choice like pink, nude or even red is great. Go natural with Vana Vidhi CoffeeCaffeine Lip Balm.

Eyeliners or Eye pencils



Eyeliner or eye pencils are first and most important part of your makeup. When you are wiping all the dust and dirt from your face or using your face wash you unintentionally remove your eyeliner or eye pencil, so do carry this to look as beautiful as you were looking in the starting of your day. Use the black ones or go funky with the colored ones to match the spark of the day. You can try Lord Berry eyeliners available in black and different colors.

 Sunglasses and Scarves


Looking stylish and beautiful is not a crime, compliment your looks and personality with sunglasses and scarves. A scarf can change your attire in just one second. Feel free and try out colorful funky scarf every day and don’t forget to put on the sunglasses which not only protect you from sun rays but will be a style statement for you.

Water Bottle


How many times you find a water cooler in college with the pack full of glasses, not every time right. Spending money on the water every day is something your pocket can’t afford. Carry a water bottle with you in your bag every day, it also keeps you hydrated, especially in summers when all you do is looking for some water. You can choose stylish and funky bottles too which you can flaunt easily.

I hope I helped all the girls out there who were not prepared for their college life. With these things, you are ready to go girls and Keep following Beautygasm by Globox for upcoming interesting articles.