Digging Kendal J’s accentuated cheek bones? Looking for a way to nail the face-sculpting trend Kim K conceived? If you’re a beginner in the contouring world, here is the quickest step-by-step guide to contour and highlight. Yes, the two go together, much like Peanut Butter and Jell-O. Let’s get started on defining that jawline, shall we?

Focus on Prime Time –When starting to paint your canvas, you’ve got to prime.UseMakeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer –

all over your face to extend the lifeline of your lewk.Take just a pea-sized amount as a little goes a long way to smoothen out skin for a Picasso-perfect base.

Cover all Bases – Follow up primer with your usual foundation; concealing darkspots, redness, blemishes and more.For an even toned complexion opt forL.A Colors Truly Matte Liquid Foundation – Natural –

as it beautifully blends into the contours of your face.

Let’s Get Mapping –The most fun part starts now – mapping. For natural-looking dimension, trust only and start from the middle of your ear, moving toward the corner of your mouth. Stop midcheek. Then carve your forehead: apply the #nofilter powder along your hairline and temples, before moving on to accentuate that killer jawline. Buff, buff and blend some more under the chin and finish off with two parallel lines down the centre of your nose to slim it down.

A Minute to Get Lit –Now, it’s all down to placement. Apply the lightercolorof the contouring palette to bring out those features.In simple words – shade everything you want to bring to the limelight: the bridge of your nose, chin, under eye area (buh-bye dark circles), and the middle of your forehead. Focus dusting on all these areas to deliver definition!

Get the Blush On – To complete contouring, get those cheeks poppin’ witha light flush of blush. A hint of pink with

will radiate just the pop of color you need. Extremely long-lasting and lightweight – this is a sure-shot to win hearts.

Final Touches to Woo – Before grabbing your phone and being all cocky in that #contourselfie, take time to spritz away ‘setting’ your makeup. A translucent setting powder like

works wonders. Finally, strut that new-found bone structure to win-over virtual likes.

There you have it, 6 steps later you’ll give the queen of contouring, Kim Kardashian a run for her money.