Step 1 – Cleanse – Innoxa – Organic gentle cleansing gel –

At night, to get rid of the dust and grime from the day, you need a mild cleanser that works as hard as you do. Just a whiff of this sweetly-scented face wash will instantly transport you to the French Lavender fields in Provence. Add to that magical Aloe Vera, and you’ve got yourself a winner that does it all – cleanses, nourishes, hydrates, protects all with a velvety-soft, foamy lather.

Step 2 – Serum – Innoxa – Organic hydrating and anti aging serum –

Follow up the intoxicating face wash with an even more divine smelling serum. Loaded with the goodness of Aloe Vera, again, this non-sticky formula literally melts into your skin, protecting it like a veil. Sweet Almond, Macadamia and Jojoba Oils improve your skin’s elasticity, while Argan and Coconut Oils promote that youthful glow. Healthy skin, we’re just a pay away.

Step 3 – Facial oil  – Innoxa – Hydrating facial oil –

Soon after you’ve patted down serum, it’s now time for good ‘ol facial oil. This blend of superfoods goes into overdrive all night so that come daylight, your face looks (and feels brand new). Grapeseed hydrates, Cranberry delivers Omega 3, Pomegranate reduces fine lines, whereas Sweet Almond Oil conditions the skin. Let your face soak in the anti-aging elixir while you get a good night’s rest.

Step 4 – Night cream – Innoxa – Restore – Ultra lift Night Repair crème –

Night cream is next. Wait a few minutes before massaging this potent creme into the perimeter of your face. Benefitting all skin types, it’s packed with anti-aging ingredient – Phephatight that visibly reduces all signs of aging by enhance collagen production. The result – firmer, fuller skin by day. ‘When it comes to aging, start as young as possible’ – the Koreans always say.

Step 5 – Sleep Mask – Innoxa – INN ANTI AGEING SLEEP MASK –

Finish off with a luxurious sleep mask, ‘cos’ it’s not often that you’ll come across a product that does both, deliver anti-aging results and feel as soft as cream. Infused with Reforcyl™ that instantly improves skin hydration, firmness, elasticity and aids regeneration, this miracle-worker is all you need to keep your face from looking your age!