Product Description: Maximum hydration through maximum occlusion offers. Truly longer lasting action Specially developed formula ensures rapid healing. The optimum effect in severely dry skin condition.

Size: 100 gm

Price: Rs.250

Ingridients: Moist 24 (sederma france), Shea butter, Kokum butter, Squalene in a specially formulated wax base, Avocado oil, Aromatic oils-olive oil

My Experience:

I have dull and dry skin  and was suggested the Ethicare Remedies Hydromax cream by beauty experts of Globox. I used the cream for  2-3days and noticed the difference in my skin. My skin looks less dull and more hydrated. The cream keeps my skin hydrated for long hours. At first, it feels a little oily but after few minutes the oily feeling sinks and all I get is soft hydrated skin. Thankyou Globox for introducing me to such a wonderful product.

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