The cosmetic market is filled with beauty products claiming different promises. With so many products to choose from, we are tempted to try something new every time we go shopping. But the product description or the salesperson’s advice are not the best reliable sources of information for purchasing the cosmetics. We may not realize this but trying so many different products without any consultation harm our skin in the long run.

10I personally fell victim of my experimentation with skin products to solve my acne issues but my acne just got worse. After trying every counter treatment for acne I gave up and decided to visit a dermatologist instead. After using the prescribed products I got my clear skin back.


Having a professional skin expert’s advice every time you shop for your beauty products isn’t a feasible option in our busy life and also, it’ll be an extra burden on our pockets. On the other hand sticking to the derma advised products for the rest of our lives takes away the fun out of shopping. We can’t stick to our derma’s advice for every haircare, skincare and makeup product we shop. That’s where Globox comes in to help us in the battle between experiment and safety. Globox has a team of beauty experts who’ll listen to your skin issues, analyze the product’s ingredients and make a combination of best products for you. Every time you order a Globox you’ll receive the right beauty products handpicked by experts, who knows what’s best for your skin. GloBox experts are highly qualified and experienced, who listen to our beauty woes carefully and bring the right solution for them.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up Here
  2. Answer some questions to help our experts know your skin and preferences better.
  3. The experts will study your profile and select the best products for you.
  4. You’ll receive the handpicked products at your doorstep.

That’s the simplest way to find the right beauty products.