When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye. Kidding! When life gives you liners define those eyes and be ready to wink beautifully (as beautifully as you pout girls). For eyes that reflect not just love but also your crazy, confident and bold alter ego. It is so beautifully said that God made us all a little different from another yet so similar in some way! Our eyes, similarly are a little different from others and we’re going to help you in creating more looks just by the style of liner you choose to apply.

Based on the shape of your eyes, here are some styles that will help you intensify your eyes even more

For The Almond Eyes

You can literally go nuts with the winged eyeliner to compliment your beautiful eyes. We envy you!


Small Eyes

Women with small eyes should never apply a dark eyeliner as this will only make your eyes look smaller. Just be basic and gentle with your stroke.


Big Eyes

Having larger eyes means you can play around with lots of looks. You can line both top and bottom water lines without having to worry about them looking small. Lucky you!


Close Set Eyes

Focus on the outer corners of your eyes. Go fine and thin at the inner corner and thicker at the outer. Avoid lining all the way to your tear duct as this will only emphasize the closeness of the eyes.


Wide Set Eyes

In order to make the inner corners of your eyes seem closer, we suggest you start to line by your tear duct and avoid extending it past the outer corner.


Deep Set Eyes

Avoid, simply avoid going too dark and drawing a thick line in order to make your eyes look less sunken.

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Prominent Eyes

There are no hard and fast rules for people with prominent eyes. Although you will have to do a little exercise to see what you prefer.


Mono Lids

The perfect canvas to paint cat eyes. Go meow all the way!



Try these blissful tricks and let your eyes do all the talking while everyone else go gaga sorry Ed and sing, “I’m in love with the shape of you………….. push and pull like a magnetic” 😀