Looking to draw the ‘perfect’ wing but don’t know how? Or worse still, do those unsteady hands forever quiverending up in an absolute mess? Better yet, want to hit snooze instead of waking at dawn just to draw on twinning lines. Fret not, we’ve scoured the internet to bring to you the best eyeliner tips and tricks that’ll save your face EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

Connect the Dots – By far the quickest trick for beginners or pros (you go girl, acing those lines on a moving train) is to first jot out dots. As fun as a game of joining dots sounds, be forewarned, it’s best to use a felt-tip like Makeup Revolution Renaissance Flick –

for precise wings. This pen-tipped liquid liner glides on smoothly, not smudging or transferring, completing the feline flick in a single swipe.

Use Nude to Mesmerize–Create the illusion ofbigger, wider eyes with a touch of nude. Use a soft brown of even taupe on the upper lash line and lower waterlineto instantly open those peepers.Try NICKA K 24HR WATERPROOF EYE LINER DARK BROWN –

to add more intensity and add high-definition. You can even tight line, not leaving any negative space in between. Plus, the in-built flexi-smudge applicator even lets you ace a show-stopping smoky eye.

Primer Cleans up Fine – We’ve all faced those untimely mishaps – a crooked line, one wing’s thicker than the other, but the next time, instead of starting all over again, just reach for eye primer. Yep, as counterintuitive as it sounds, primer works better than makeup remover (‘cos you’ll take off your foundation too) to clean up any messes. Try out WET N WILDPICTURE PERFECT EYESHADOW PRIMER ONLY A MATTER OF TIME

to perfect that cat-eye.

Mascara Saves the Day –Already lateand got no time to get those lines on fleek?Well, you’re going to love mascara even more after this.Pick up that trusty wand and instead of only coating those long lashes, press down to highlight the waterline. Why stop there? Continueon the insides of your upper lash line tooet voilaa foxy flick sans the tedious liquid liner

Use Tape or a Biz-Card – Instead of forfeiting liquid liner altogether, you can choose to make life simple with sticky tape or your business card.This one is the simplest by far, ‘cos it’s the easiest to get that wing on point, quick. Use medical tape preferably to avoid rashes and if you’re going ahead with your card, rest it against your skin. Then, draw the flicks, cover the lash line and you’re all set.

But First, Outline – Last but not the least, if you’re still way over your headand just can’t seem to perfect that wing, just use a brown pencil to outline. This readymade stencil will be your guideline all the way. Meet LORD & BERRY POLISH MIRROR EYE PENCIL –