It’s often said that “eyes are the window to your soul” and according to us eyeliners are the curtains! We’ve always heard people talking about makeup and skin tones, what if we tell you that your eye color is majorly intensified by the shade of the eye liner that you choose. Here’s how you can pep up those lovely eyes.

Hey there pretty brown eyes!

If you’ve got brown eyes, which are often mysterious, creating a smoky eye effect is a great option.   Compliment the look with NAVY BLUE eyeliner.


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A blue eye is a true eye!

For blue eyes, since they are naturally very popping so pick a color as warm as BROWN to create more depth. Team it up with a lighter shade of lip color such as neutral pink or matte peach.


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Green as spring!

If you’re one of those lucky girls to have green eyes there’s a good news. You can use any shade of liner to boost the elusive eye color. Just make sure you use a heavy amount of mascara to give a fuller look.


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Gorgeous eyes, hazel eyes!

Girls blessed with hazel eyes can be a little tricky in terms of playing with their eye makeup to create a look which best suits them. Hazel eyes throw a splash of multiple colors so, experiment with shades of DEEP PURPLE & GREEN. They will look awesome we assure you.


Grey’s Anatomy!

Now talking about grey eyes, in accordance to the color theory or color cycle, grays are highly exalted with a SOLID BLACK EYELINER.


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Beautiful eyes always look for the good in others colors 😉