The festival of colours is here in all its glory. While you get ready to step out into the war land don’t forget your armour along with ammunition. All the Holi fun can take a toll on your skin and hair. The colours not only leaves your skin and hair coloured for days but also dry and damaged. But don’t worry we have got you covered, just follow these tips for a skin friendly holi

  1. The Clothes
    While you dig out old clothes from your wardrobe for Holi, make sure that you cover the maximum of your body so that there will be less of skin exposed. This one is very easy and important a tip that you can follow very easily. Don’t forget more clothes means less area to remove colour from.

2. Oiling is the key
Before stepping out of your house you can apply warm oil on your hair. Our experts suggest argan oil mixed with coconut or olive oil. You can also apply oil on all over your body including hands, feet and elbows to
be fully protected from damage by colours. For covering your body you can also go for your favourite moisturiser with sunscreen.

3. Protect Lips and Eyes
Your Lips and Eyes are the most sensitive part of your body so you have to be more careful with them. Don’t wear lenses, In fact, avoid wearing glasses too. For Lips, apply a lip balm generously so that you don’t have to face a problem like dry and staining lips.

4. Stay hydrated
If it is going to be a bright, sunny day, you increase your chances of dehydrating skin because of chemicals in colours. Drink lots of water from stepping out of the house to save you from this problem.

5. Washing the colour off
Use lukewarm water to wash off the colours from your body. The most important thing to keep in mind is not to rub your skin with soap to wipe out the face off colours. Instead, use a cleanser followed by a moisturiser. Don’t be harsh to your skin they don’t deserve that pain.

6. Paint you Nails

To avoid staining make sure to paint your finger and toenails with a nail paint before stepping out. If you have long nails paint the inside of nails with a transparent base coat for more protection

These tips will keep your skin and hair protected while you go out there and have fun.