Fancy updos, braids, curls , carefree waves or the classic stratight hair. No matter how you decide to wear your hair for the upcoming festive celbrations it is imortant that your hair have that natural shine and look flawless. So read on to know how to win hearts with your mane this season

Step 1: Oiling

It is important for your hair to get a regular dose of nourishment. Oiling helps to repair the damage, strengthens the hair and give them a healthy shine. Use a oil rich in omega-3-fatty acids omega-9-fatty acids like the Aryanveda Argan Oil. Made from 100% moroccan argan oil this oil will pnetrate the hair shafts easily and repairs damaged hair follicles. It also increases shine of lacklustre dry hair by locking in the moisture. Use this oil 1-2 times in a week.

Step 2: Shampoo

To get lustrous lock regularly clean your hair with a mild shampoo, which takes all the dirt and oil away without stripping off your hair of its natural moisture. Matrix Biolage Shampoo is highly recommended by GloBox’s experts. This shampoo cleanses, controls frizz and results in smoothly polished hair.

Step 3: Conditioner

To help your strands regain the lost moisture and give them a smooth finish, use a hydrating conditioner through the lengths of your hair. Never use the conditioner on your scalp as it leads to product build up making you shampoo much more frequently. The Rustic Art Hair Conditioner is great for hydrating the dry locks and gives smooth and frizz free hair with regular use. It also boosts the natural shine of your hair.

Step 4: Serum

Applying the right hair serum makes all the difference in your hair’s look. After every wash apply 2-3 drops if the hair serum through the length of your hair concentrating more on hair tips. This will seal in the moisture, smoothen hair, prevent frizzing and add that beautiful shine the hair that makes all hairstyles look gorgeous. If you have really dry hair you can use 1-2 drops of the Aryanveda Argan Oil as hair serum.  For normal to oily hair one can use the Matrix Bio Smoothing Serum.


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Follow these steps to enhance and maintain the beauty of your lovely hair and enjoy flaunting them 😉