We all want to look beautiful all the time, but when we head towards our workout, we don’t really pay much attention towards our hair and hairstyles and it manages to fall out at exactly the wrong time during a run or a stint on the elliptical. Having the right hairstyle is important when it comes to a great workout, so the next time you’re at the gym, try one of these hairstyles that will keep your focus on your workout and not what’s happening on your head.

High Ponytail


The first and most classic hairstyle that pops up in our mind when we think of heading towards workout is High Ponytail. I know, it’s easy and the most comfortable one which perfectly goes with your strong and motivated attire. Try not to tie your hair so tight that it will leave a mark on your hair and more prone to breakage. You can pair your ponytail with a Sleek or thick hairband, this will give you sportier look.

Top Knot or We Can Call It Bun


Top Knots or Buns are not only for your classy attire, it’s the most comfortable and stylish hairstyle when you are struggling with sweat and irritation during the workout. It keeps your hair off from your neck and face.  Try these easy steps to make a hair bun in just 5 minutes

Step1 – Brush your hair properly to remove all the knots and tangles.

Step 2 – Tie your hair in a high or mid-high ponytail.

Step 3 – Wrap your hair in a spiral around the base of the ponytail.

Step 4 – Tuck the ends of ponytail under the bun.

Step 5 – Secure the bun with bobby pins.

Tada…. 5 simple steps to make a bun. Please be generous with bobby pins.

French Braid


French Braid is one of the most stylish and cute hairstyle that works well with most hair types and lengths.  This hairstyle wraps up your hair in the most beautiful and graceful way. French braid starts from the very top hair which stops them to fall on your face while working out.



Let your hair breath and less sweaty by tying your hair with just a nice colourful headband. It will help in keeping your hair away from your face. Thicker headbands work best for wicking sweat away, whereas, thin bands can work for flyaway taming. Set a style statement with your colorful, floral and trending headbands. The best thing about headband is it can be paired with a ponytail, braids or a bun.

Headband Braid


The headband braid is ideal for intense cardio sessions and sweaty circuits. The trendy style is the perfect way to keep any sweaty bangs or shorter layers away from your face. Headband braid ties your front hairs that always find their way out to escape from any hair style. You can pair your headband braid with a ponytail or convert into a stylish bun.

Upside down braid to bun


Two of my favourite combinations, a braid, and a bun, this hairstyle is great for day old hair or when you’re rushing out the door. Believe me, your hair will not move even during the heavy workout. Let’s see how it can be done.

Step 1 – Start by flipping your head over to work with the hair underneath.

Step 2 – Take a small section of hair at the nape of the neck and divide it into three sections.

Step 3 – Cross the side strands under the middle to begin a regular braid.

Step 4 – Continue braiding the hair until it reaches the top of the ears.

Step 5 – Tie off the braid to keep it from coming undone.

Step 6 – Sweep the rest of the hair into a high ponytail.

Step 7 – Twist the hair as you twist the hair band the second time and loop it over the bun.

Step 8 – Pin down any hair that is sticking out.

Your Upside Down Braid to Bun is ready to flaunt.

Head towards your workout with what’s on your mind without worrying about what’s on your head. Good Luck to all dedicated girl with beautiful hairstyles to flaunt without messing them up.