For some lucky people mornings are easy but for the rest of us the sound of that alarm clock is the deadliest sound and the morning sun burns our eyes. I don’t like mornings much, and getting out of bed on time is a difficult task for me, but lately I have tried really hard to become a morning person and If you’re trying to be a morning person these tips should help you out.

  • Sleep on time: Pretty simple right, but one big obstacle is your phone. You’ll keep checking all the feeds and procrastinate sleeping. So when you decide you have to sleep now just leave your phone and keep it away from your bed if it’s hard for you.
  • Adjust the brightness: Almost all living beings have an internal wake-up and sleep cycle which is stimulated by light. Half an hour before your bedtime dim the lights of your room this will give your brain a signal that it’s sleeping time. And open up the curtains halfway so that when you wake up the morning light can stimulate your brain. This sounds weird but it worked like magic for me.  Dimming the lights instead of suddenly turning all lights off will stimulate your brain like a lullaby.
  • Keep the Alarm clock across the room: You’ll have no choice but to get out of your bed walk all the way to shut that beast. If you are worried this will wake up your whole family then keep one alarm next to your bed which rings at least five minutes before the one across the room it’ll remind you about the ticking time bomb.


  • Caffeine: If you’re not a caffeine person don’t become one just skip this step but if you are one and fragrance of coffee just wakes you up, then all you need is some grounded coffee beans in a small air tight container next to your bed or next to your alarm clock (which is across the border) the aroma of coffee will wake you up and you’ll be tempted to go to the kitchen and get a cup.
  • Motivation: Think of a reason why you want to wake up early and place a poster or picture which will remind you of that reason on the first wall you see when you wake up or as a wallpaper on your phone. It can be because you need time to work out, so you can set a picture with a fitness motivation quote as your wallpaper.
  • Rehydrate: Your body is dehydrated after long hours of sleep. Drinking water will help you replenish and you won’t feel sleepy anymore. I know many people go for coffee or tea as their first drink of the day but sipping a glass of water first is not only a healthy option but it won’t leave feeling groggy and tired.
  • Stretch: After you are a bit awake stretch yourself it helps you to be more active. Get some fresh air and perform some simple stretches in the open air if that’s possible. You’ll feel energised.
  • Keep your phone on flight mode until you are completely ready for your day. Getting all the updates will distract you and you’ll get late even if it’s a work email you won’t be able to concentrate on it until you’re done with the morning routine.
  • Tune in some music that wakes you up. Listening to music while getting ready will help you to keep track of your pace and it’ll also energise you. But make sure you have your playlist prepared well in advance otherwise you’ll waste time shuffling through the songs.


  • Don’t skip breakfast, it truly is the most important meal of the day. Remember your goal is not just to wake up on time but it’s to be energized and happy for your start of the day and you need proper nutrition for that.
  • Ask a friend to call and check up on you in the morning that you’re awake.I hope this article was helpful and all of you have happy mornings with the energy to cease the day.