Tired of buying a new lipstick every month? Or are you the girl who constantly needs ‘to visit the ladies room’? Or worse still, did you invest in an industrial-strength, long-lasting lippie only to find out it slides off as well? Well, in just five steps you’ll have your lipstick staying on from AM to PM. Wondering how?

Exfoliate and Hydrate (the DIY way) – The first step to make your lipstick last longer is to exfoliate. Our fave is a DIY lip scrub with equal parts sugar and coconut oil. Tiny crystals will get rid of unwanted roughness, while coconut oil will intensely moisturize. Make things easier by using your toothbrush instead of the less-messy option – your fingertip. A few minutes later, wipe your DIY scrub off with a damp cloth.

Prep and Prime –It’s time to prime.To ensure your lippie stays put all day primer is essential. Your best bet is

packs a punch. You could also correct and conquer with a trusted concealer;

‘cos the bullet design makes it easy to apply. Whatever way you choose to go, just remember they’re both quick ways to achieve a smooth base.

Line and Smile – Use a lip liner making a cross at Cupid ’s bow (as a readymade stencil to follow) and then move on to fill in your entire lip. The liner’s waxy formula acts as a barrier, letting your lippie stay within boundary only. Either choose a shade that complements your lipstick or go in for a nude that mimics your natural lip tint. But be warned, lip liners darker than your lipstick shade are a complete no-no.

Press and Blot –It’s now time to unleash that inner artist. Put your Picasso-skills to good use as you pucker up that pout in the color of your choice. If a matte is the need of the hour, opt for

This mighty bullet delivers a long-lasting finish without feathering. But if you’d prefer to stick to the current rage aka lip cream, is the absolute best. Or better yet, ready to give the hottest trend ombre a go, then

should be on your wish list. This baby gives you that lust-worthy multidimensional, two-toned lip with zero effort. Once you’ve applied your first coat; blot, blot and blot some more.

Dab to Set– Since you’ve done away with all the excess oil, finish applying your second coat. Lastly, set your picture-perfect lips with translucent powder.works wonders as it offers full coverage keeping that lipstick on from dawn to dawn.

Now, all that’s left is to do is pucker up and pout. Hello, Instagram!