History tends to repeat itself and this phrase definitely holds true by every word so let’s give you a whole lot of flashback to the best era (we know 90’s kids were the best) pun intended! We say it was a golden era, do you agree? The amalgamation of the rebellious rock and sober romance created a buzz not just among the teens but also in the mid age people, from their attire to makeup and what not

After more than a decade, the fashion cycle rewinding to the 90’s and we’ve started to don the same style. Be it the over-sized sweaters or the low heel shoes, the turtlenecks, flannel shirts tied around the waist, the black leggings and everything. Talking about some of the most iconic looks from the 90’s that you wouldn’t want to miss a chance and try on. This reminds us of our Oh So Lovely Rachel and Monica walking around in their high waist denims and wildly colourful shirts and Drew Barrymore with lips as deep as a berry!

Here’s an entire catalogue of the Hollywood divas and their styles that you can look out to recreate:


Our ever so F.R.I.E.N.D.ly Rachel best known for her razor-sharp haircut and super chic dresses in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Turtle Necks were practically her second skin!

PicMonkey Collage4


Extremely flamboyant, we’ve witnessed her transformation through the years. With those blue eyes, bushy brows and nude pink lips things sure spiced up and even more so when she dyed her wispy hair black! We remember her carrying the most trending high waist denims in style.

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The pretty woman not just made the men drool over her smile but also made girls go gaga about her sheer style. Classy vintage clothing has always been her forte. With that voluminous hair and cheshire cat smile she’s left a lot of hearts pounding. Pleated pants and blazers making statements in almost all her red carpet appearances have been her favourites we believe!

PicMonkey Collage6


Our cat woman is a serious fashion definer with her sophisticated staple in the 90’s that made their way back. Black gowns seem to be her favourite. The pixie haircut enhances those collar bones we say!

PicMonkey Collage7


This ultimate ‘IT’ girl had a major hold on 90’s fashion, all piled at once. The bomber jackets, chokers, skater dress, boots and everything rebellious.

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How can we not fall in love with someone who’s in love with shoes as much as we are or probably to an extent of madness? For “shoe love is true love”! Sarah Jessica Parker’s sassy style in sex & the city made her win the most accolades than any other actress of her time. The secret to up your game is, to accessorise whatever you wear just like “Carrie Bradshaw” did. Here’s a little tip: – don’t over do it and end up looking like a Christmas tree, please!

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Golden crimped locks, looking like a doll. Changing into a sleek bouffant and bold siren to a messy bohemian babe. The ANGEL played with a spectrum of looks during her era!

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Exposed midriffs, more simply called as Crop Tops were best suited on the speed star.

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Bandanna as a headband, dark lip liners and caramel highlights define this Colombian singer in a perfect manner. Recreate her bold look, go be a rock star.

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 Wanting more? keep watching this space for our upcoming blog on the sirens of 90’s from Bollywood