We all start our day with our humble toothbrush this unamusing tool can be as versatile as a Swiss knife. The bathroom staple that keeps your pearly whites polished can do the same for your brows, lips, and updos. So before you toss aside that spare toothbrush, check out these clever beauty hacks:

De-Clump Matted Lashes

We all love our luscious lashes but many times in order to achieve that look we end up with clumped lashes. So next time when your mascara plays spoil sport just take a clean toothbrush   and comb through your lashes. The tiny bristles will separate any lashes that are sticking together.

Take Your Hair to New Heights

Get more volume in your hair without any fancy styling tool. Lift small sections of hair at the crown of your head or along your hairline and gently backcomb with your toothbrush to build height. Spray a texturizing spray for even more volume.


Image: stylesray.com

Get a Textured Braid

After creating a polished side braid or crown braid and loosening the plaits, take a dry toothbrush and gently comb your hair upward to get that messy, textured braid.

Combat Fly aways and Frizz

Flyaways and frizz can ruin the whole look of your hair. Make them disappear by spraying a toothbrush with a hairspray and gently comb down that stubborn frizz.

Tame Unruly Brows

Don’t have an eyebrow gel? No worries just take a Vaseline jar and a toothbrush. Gently dab the Vaseline on your brows and brush your brows upward and outward with the toothbrush to keep every hair in place.

Salon like Manicure at Home


No time to go the Salon? Use the edges of a toothbrush to clean out any gunk that’s stuck under your fingernails for a clean, polish-free finish.

Get Smooth Lips


Nothing sabotages our favourite lip colour like dry, flaky lips. Dampen a toothbrush in warm water then brush the bristles in a circular motion on your mouth to buff chapped skin before applying your bright lipstick.