Glitter, is making a comeback. Nah, actually, on second thought – scratch that – the sparkle-bug never
left. But looking to the runway for inspo, we’ve noticed it’s not the glitter-lip (sorry Pat McGrath) that’s
huge this fall but in fact metallic lids. From full on glitter bombs, to Swarovski-studded crystals, here are
the best eye makeup trends to glitz up those peepers this Fall.

  1. Tadashi Shoji – MUA Pep Gay used captivating ‘bold gold’ to embolden the eyes. Sweep a thick layer of a creamy eyeshadow all over the eyelids right from the inner corner all the way to the other end (under the brows). A touch of gold highlight to the inner corner et voila! Remember to blend in for that light-catching shine.
  1. Cushnie et Ochs – If you’re not looking to go overboard with glitter, settle for its less sultry sister – shimmer. An effortless way to get into the craze is to add a punch of brazen gold to the rims and inner eyelids. Top off your upper lids too and done. The result, a sophisticated look that doesn’t scream – OTT.
  1. Marc Jacobs – Kaia Gerberstole the show with her overdramatic metallic smoky look. Looking to ape it? Let your eyes take centre stage. Press down a concentrated dose of shimmery eyeshadow on the centre eyelid and lower lash line. Complete the extended wing with a fluffy brush to soften the edges.
  1. Naeem Khan – Green, is most definitely the new black. Seaweed-green smoky eyes were the epitome of royalty as models doused their creases in a whole new level of emerald. Dab a hint of silver eyeshadow on the centre of your upper lid and finish it off with a smear of the same shade on the inner eye corner.
  1. Milly – The reign of minimal makeup is officially over. Milly took us right back into the cool 90s era where nothing, but a rainbow of glitter-speckled hues would do. Time to bust out those out retro glimmering roll-ons ‘cos it looks like nostalgia is key this season as we head right back into the shiny-disco world.
  1. Genny – Loose glitter stole the show at Genny. High shine-pigments were applied as high as the brow bone mimicking thousands of twinkling stars. Sweep a single pan iridescent shadow all the way to your arches and don’t skip a dash to the inner corners too for a standout, major glitter kick.
  1. Carolina Herrera – All on-board the midnight blue train?For a full-on smoke show line your waterline with a metallic blue, before smudging it out with a cotton pad. Depending on the intensity you’d like, apply the same shade to your upper eyelids, using a darker cobalt to outline the outer corners.
  2.  Jill Stuart – Romantic, sun-kissed lids, anyone? These copper-toned creases add just the right amount of oompf to complete your outfit. A sartorial hit with many who prefer to go full-on metallic, all you’ve got to do is start with the lightest shade at the inner corner and go bolder as you move toward the outer brow.
  1. Emporia Armani – White and black will honestly never go out of style.The most outlandish way to incorporate them your makeup palette is by adding a layer of drama to the usual smudy-smoke eye with minimal sweat aka white. A dash of glow-y silvery shadow is your best bet to look effortless.
  1. Ulla Johnson – Never before have we ever felt such Grecian Goddess-like vibes. Unlike the bold glitter or sparkly shimmer, real gold leaves were used instead of the former two. Don’t you just feel like you’ve got to OWN this look, pronto? The result looks regal yet alluring to say the least, don’t you think.