With so many options available in the market, it’s very important to find a correct beauty product to cherish our skin. GloBox experts always feel that organic and natural ingredient products work best on our skin. Tvakh is one of the best brands for all the organic beauty care lovers. Tvakh is known for its purely herbal, hand-crafted and unparalleled skin suit beauty products. They use natural ingredients which are dwelled in unique combinations and delivered to you. Here are some amazing Tvakh Beauty and Makeup products to pamper you.


TVAKH Bodifying Hair Serum


With summer creeping on us, our hair takes the burden of the heat which results in damaged frizzy hair. Hair serum can be best friends with our hair at that time. Go for most effective and natural Tvakh Bodyfying Hair Serum. The weightless combination of soy protein, Indian ginseng and natural seed oils which help in stopping hair fall, tames frizzy hair, and also restores smoothness in your hair and gives the finished look. No parabens, GMO, phthalates and petroleum oils formula. Just apply a small amount of serum throughout the mid length and ends of your hair and believe me this can be the permanent solution for your hair problems.

Price: Rs. 550

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TVAKH Ultra Nourishing Lip Tint


Treat your lips to with a lip balm that heals, protect and beautify it, one like Tvakh’s Midas touch lip tint. This lip tint will give a beautiful stain to your lips as well as protect them from dryness and other external hazards in a very natural and glossy way. This ultra hydrating lip balm gives light red lustre to lips with a touch of sensual golden shimmer. The cold pressed Avocado oil penetrates deeply into lips for day long moisture and shine. This non-sticky lip balm is 99% natural giving you nourished and hydrated lips.

Price: Rs. 195

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TVAKH Oil Free Anti Acne Gel


Hiding your face because of acne is not an option, choosing correct beauty product is what we should do. Tvakh’s Anti Acne gel is a natural acne panacea that helps the skin with pimples, blackheads, and cystic acne. This gel is formulated with ingredients that inhibit acne causing bacteria, clears acne blemishes, blackheads and prevents future breakouts. The antioxidant action of black seed oil prevents the radical damage and helps to repair the damaged skin by restoring the natural PH balance. It also reduces redness and improves scar and wound healing. After cleansing, apply this gel on full face or as a spot treatment. It can be used twice daily.

Price: Rs. 585

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TVAKH C-Ester Lip Lightener


To get back those naturally pink luscious lips try Tvakh’s Lip Lightener. This deeply hydrating lip treatment is made with natural extracts to lighten and repair dry and distressed lips. This lip lightener is made with fat-soluble Vitamin C and Vitamin E, and the pure licorice extracts that help lighten the dark lip corners. The SPF action and cold pressed oils protects and smoothes the lips which deliver delectable and dependable moisture to the lips. Fight sunburn with this Aloe Vera oil extracted lip lightener. Apply it whenever your lips  feel dry. You can also apply it underneath lipstick for the added moisture.

Price: Rs.225

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TVAKH CE-Namon Lip Plumper


Get plump lips without any pointed needles and painful surgery in the process by using Tvakh’s Lip Plumper. This lip plumper which is a unique formula blended with ancient ingredients, cinnamon oil and argan Oil that makes the lip appear fuller in just a few seconds, and also adds a pop of color while hydrating dry areas. Replenish your lips with powerful antioxidants and vitamin E, which stimulates the blood vessels for moisturized, soothe, and enhanced barrier recovery. Gently glide onto lips and reapply as required throughout the day.

Price: Rs. 225

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